Life is a Maze
love is a riddle
Eva / 19 / Italy 

Hetalia / Welcome to Night Vale / Doctor Who / BBC Sherlock / Free! / Haikyuu!! / Puella Magi Madoka Magica / OHSHC / Kyoukai no Kanata/ Noragami / Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 

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Autumn is here!

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Girls are such beautiful creatures but u only ever see a hot guy like once a blue moon on the 3rd last tuesday of july at exactly 12:35 or u miss it

Oh, help me, God


おかえり兄さん... :(;´言ω言`;): by にのぬこ

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H-Haru! Stop, You are wetting my notes!

Haru’s hand under the table* + neck kisses


Get used to drawing Tsukki. He’s hard to draw ; ^ ;

Be nice to Yamaguchi, Tsukki! 

Anime with exclamation marks in their title are automatically 2x or 3x gayer —Free! Haikyuu!! and Love Stage!! (via castlesofcards)

Title: Not In Nottingham

Artist: Mumford & Sons

Played: 316869 times


Help I can’t stop thinking about Oikawa